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With Euro 2020 Coming Up, What Are Some Good Bets to Make on Those Matches?


Euro 2020 is likely to be the most exciting football event of the year. That being the case, gamblers around the world are already putting together their betting plans.

After all, major tournaments like Euro 2020 are not only fun to watch, but can also be extremely lucrative for smart gamblers who know enough to place good bets.

Betting on England -- It depends on the football experts you believe if betting on England in Euro 2020 is a good bet or a bad one. Some experts say the English players are overrated and not as skilled as in previous tournaments.

The majority of tipsters, however, rate betting on the English team as being a good bet. After all, the last few games of Euro 2020 will be played in England, which could have a positive impact on how well the home team plays.

Betting on Portugal -- The defending champion, Portugal has another strong team in place for Euro 2020. This is especially true when you consider they have only lost one out of the last 18 games the team has played.

With an experienced squad and a lot of drive and ambition, placing a bet on Portugal could be an excellent way to win big yourself.

Betting on Ukraine -- While still not one of the favorites to win, Ukraine surprised everyone by beating reigning champions Portugal in the last qualifying round of Euro 2020.

They also only conceeded a few goals throughout all eight qualifying matches

If they continue to carry that skill and strength into the Euro 2020 tournament itself, making a bet on Portugal could be a smart move. Get to know more come visit 안전놀이터.